WAISL unleashes the true potential of digitally enabled Airport Ecosystems using Next Gen Technologies. With years of experience in developing, building and operationally running IT-driven Airport Ecosystems like Airport Operations, Cargo Operations and Retail Environments, WAISL thereby helps in creating a new world of sustainable Smart Airports & Smart Airport Cities.
Every part of an Airport’s Operational System has a significant role to play in delivering a seamless overall Airport experience in real-time to all the stakeholders – Passengers, Airlines, the Airport Operations Team and Airport Concessionaires. Since Airport Operations strings and synchronizes all the processes to ensure refined Travel and Airport experience, any changes or halts or extra time consumption to resolve the delay can retard the smooth functioning of the Airport and its stakeholder experiences. WAISL perceives the complex nature of the interconnected processes and offers Airport Managed IT Services and solutions through strategic outsourcing, owning the critical IT assets required to optimize airport operations and the Strategic Partnership Ecosystem with key OEMs. WAISL’s unique Concessionaire model for IT Services at Airports which has been operational for over 12+ years takes pride of place in IATA’s manual for Airport Operations in developing countries. It is recognized as an innovative model for Airport IT Services. WAISL’s effective and efficient Airport IT Managed Service delivery framework enables every process to be responsive, reliable, and agile. WAISL empowers Airport Operations’ stakeholders to focus on their strategic initiatives that maximize Airport performance and improve cost efficiencies, visibility and accountability to deliver value at a large scale.
With the limited dwell time and attention span of modern Airport Passengers, Airport Retailers need to be on the pulse in understanding consumers to run profitable operations. WAISL has over 10+ years of experience in providing and managing e-POS solutions to 300+ retail tenants at Airports as well as end-to-end data management of retail transactions. WAISL’s cutting-edge analytics help Airport Operators and Retailers generate real-time insights, create intelligent promotions & offers, plan innovative ad placements & store layouts and guide passengers through wayfinding solutions. In addition, our e-POS solution also helps Airport Operators easily reconcile revenue share, prevent revenue leakage and provide comprehensive retail performance reports.
In the Airport digital era, the goal of the Air Cargo Ecosystem is to connect digitally and integrate the Air Cargo supply chain. Digital solutions and technology are prime for efficient Cargo operations. WAISL’s goal is to help its customers enable data sharing for real-time end-to-end visibility, data availability for smart automation and the creation of user-centric services for enhanced stakeholder experiences. WAISL’s Cargo Solutions help their customers to improve Cargo operations through innovative technology-based solutions such as IoT for real-time tracking of consignments, Intelligent Automation for efficient operations, Blockchain for better contract management and Anti-theft solutions. Our suite of Cargo Solutions seamlessly integrates with the Airport’s ERP systems. It provides extensive reports and dashboards on consignment history and tracks all warehouse assets.
Smart Airport City seamlessly integrates the available land area around the Airport and activities within the Airport, thus enabling the building of Smart Sustainable Airports as strategic business assets. The scope includes the Terminals, Landside, Airside and Airport Operations, driven by the following principles –
  1. Improved safety & security
  2. Centralized Monitoring and Optimization,
  3. Opportunity for revenue generation through operational efficiency, advertising, and sales,
  4. Smart utility, infrastructure, energy, water, waste and security management,
  5. Smart green initiative and environmental protection leading to outstanding customer experience and productivity. WAISL with its deep expertise and experience in the Airport ecosystem realizes the vision of a Smart Airport City by integrating and working closely with Global Ecosystem Partners and Master System Integrators.