The Airport IT environment is a real-time and critical service provider environment. This environment provides business services to our customers – Airports, Cargo Management etc. and our customers’ customers – Airlines & Passengers. While delivering the Service functionality ( Check-in, Baggage Handling, self-service kiosk, Baggage Reconciliation, Flight Information Display System, Airport Surveillance ), the Service guarantee KPI’s/SLA ( Performance, Availability and Reliability ) is the main goal of the Airport IT Managed Services. WAISL has deep expertise and experience for over a decade in managing a myriad of Airport IT building blocks across multiple Airports. Our pedigree covers over 1500+ network devices, 40k+ ports, 1300+ compute resources, 6500+ cameras with its videos, 350+ boarding gates, 300+ check-in counters & Kiosks across multiple airports. We achieve operational excellence by constantly evolving our operations systems and techniques using automation. We are in the process of building the Next Gen Operations Platform using and adopting new generation digital operational technologies like predictive analytics, natural language processing, AIOps, incidence avoidance techniques and introducing more automation. Being an ISO27001:2013 Standard Certified Organization, we adopt best-in-class operational processes for Airports and its related ecosystems. Our commitment to Airport IT Managed Services is to provide a secure network and infrastructure that hosts and transmits multiple data, including Personally Identifiable Information. Security is one of WAISL’s core values. With our comprehensive Security Controls like SIEM ( Security Information and Event Management ) and Software over-the-air capabilities, we are in the constant pursuit of keeping the environment safe and secure.

WAISL provides Master System Integration services with a strong program management for Greenfield Airports and Brownfield Airports. Our end-to-end experience and expertise in Airport Ecosystem have enabled us to engage in the Design, Build and Integration of Airport IT in multiple Airports across India, South East Asia and the Middle East.

We develop and provide a Fully Integrated Solution to the Airports. WAISL’s services cover Airports System Design, Integration, Implementation, Testing & Commissioning and Support to ORAT. Support to ORAT of mission-critical systems include but not limited to – Airport Operational Systems ( AOS), Passenger Processing Systems ( PPS ), Baggage Processing Systems ( BPS ), Network & Telecommunication Systems and Safety & Security Systems. The above mentioned systems are integrated with a myriad of systems from different vendors to enhance Airport Operations.

As an MSI, WAISL ensures seamless integration of legacy systems/processes with emerging technology systems such as Biometrics, Cloud-enabled & IoT enabled in the Airport’s Modernization and Digital transformation journey.

WAISL provides Airport Consulting expertise in Airports System Design, Integration, Implementation, Testing & Commissioning, and Support to ORAT of mission-critical systems like – Airport Operational Systems ( AOS), Passenger Processing Systems ( PPS ), Baggage Processing Systems ( BPS ), Network & Telecommunication Systems and Safety & Security Systems. WAISL is currently operating 5 Airports with a key focus on the many diverse verticals of Airport Operations mentioned above for over a decade and has helped design and build Airports across multiple geographies.

WAISL forefronts technology strategy and architecture consulting in modernization and complex digital transformation initiatives like – Resource Allocation, Airport Surveillance and Passenger Processing Systems. WAISL is developing Next Gen products such as Biometric-enabled Check-in and Automating frequent Airport Operations by leveraging Data Analytics and IoT platforms.

Leading Airports of the world have always been at the forefront of adopting new technologies to improve efficiency. New technologies like Robotic Process Automation, Automated Content Extraction and No-code/Low-code Tools facilitate Airports to design robust and flexible business workflows. The adoption of such novel methods by Airports provide the opportunity to review existing processes and to automate the inefficient and laborious processes. WAISL’s experience in Process Reengineering and Automation Services coupled with the deep domain knowledge of Airports and general infrastructure helps to diagnose and redesign business processes and improve Airport Operations.

Our Cybersecurity Competence Center offers a diverse portfolio of services to address your Airport Operations security needs and to achieve a zero-tolerance security breach objective. Some of the services provided are :

Reinforce Your Security Posture

We provide in-depth security audits, risk and security assessments and perform simulated attacks to help you build a resilient security system.

Reduce Business Risks

We implement comprehensive Identity & Access Management and Privileged Access Management solutions, thus helping you avoid substantial financial losses, reputational destruction, and robbed intellectual property.

Protect Your Critical IT Systems

Our specialists employ advanced information protection, Intrusion detection systems/intrusion prevention systems and threat intelligence tools to safeguard your IT perimeter. Some of the services provided are :

Improve Compliance & Data Privacy

Our experts use Cyber Security Maturity Assessment Model and HSSA (Hosting Site Security Assessment) for compliance assessment, consulting and implementation services to help you ensure the best data privacy to comply with GDPR, ISO, BSI and other standards.