WAISL redefines Airport experience and Passenger journeys with Contactless Airport Technology Solutions and insightful data-driven interventions. Explore our thoughtfully designed digital solutions that transform every aspect of the Next Gen Airport Processes.
WAISL’s Automated Passenger Processing system – APPS, digitally enables Passenger Processing at airports – making them safe, convenient with automated verification, and managing revenue leakages – WAISL has introduced a uniquely customizable APPS solution that is hardware agnostic, prudent, flexible, scalable, manageable, data-rich, secure, and sustainable. APPS facilitates in paperless, contactless, and seamless journey experience for passengers. It provides real-time passenger data and insights to Airport operators and terminal operations directly and is a single source of truth for the passenger reconciliation and billing for airport operators. The solution has been integrated and tested with MOCA’s (Ministry of Civil Aviation, India) DigiYatra framework; a framework like the IATA travel Pass that facilitates a seamless “face as a boarding pass” journey at the Airport. The solution is also IATA one ID ready. Some of the impacts and benefits observed after implementing APPS at leading Airports are:
  1. Enabling compliance monitoring and benchmarking with best practices and efficient usage of resources
  2. Retail Optimization with dwell time improvements. with complete visibility of passengers across the terminal journey.
  3. Airport Queue management enhancing passenger throughputs by up to 3X
Built on the backbone of the APPS, DigiFly helps airport operators to facilitate a seamless passenger experience from the entry gate to the boarding gate. DigiFly does this by weaving together key passenger day of journey attributes into a single view at all touch points throughout the airport journey. Airport Operator, Airline, Security, and Ground staff need not worry about Manual checks of boarding passes, identity, or fragmented customer information points across CUSS, CUPPS, and DCS with our unique Hardware and Software agnostic solution. DigiFly helps your passengers breeze through the airport. To achieve this agnostic approach DigiFly comes with ready API connectors built for swift integration with Egates, Facial capture devices, Scanners, Kiosks, and other peripheral devices. On the backend, solution is integrated with AODB, BHS, and leading Airline DCSs. DigiFly offers unmatched scalability to incorporate future third-party systems or hardware using web services.
Airlines and Airports, around the world, are harnessing Biometric technologies for better passenger experience, automation, and boosting efficiencies. Biometric Enabled Seamless Travel (BEST) is an extension of Automated Passenger Processing Solution that can help fast-track airport biometric implementations through its open, API-driven web services architecture. With BEST, Airports can simply plug and play with any of the leading identity management, facial capture, and matching solutions. BEST is IATA one ID, DigiYatra ready to facilitate Face as Boarding Pass journey from the entry gate to Boarding Gate.
Retail is an important facet in creating greater value for both passenger experience and non-aero revenue areas in Airports. It is key for the Airport Retail Environment to adapt and cater to the ever-growing and changing customer retail, shopping and service expectations. Along with creating platforms for the growth and smooth functioning of retail partners, the in-depth understanding of passenger behavior and optimizing retail is vital in the Airport Retail Environment. WAISL, with its large network and partnership with Airports along with in-depth insights which extend beyond traditional BI, enables progress and growth in retail at Airports. WAISL is working on innovative solutions that help passenger dwell time at the airport, optimize costs and improve revenue. These solutions include both in-PoS and out-of-PoS interventions and address workflow automation, digital payments, and targeted traveler engagement.
From flight operations to passenger experiences, the plethora of operations in the Airport Ecosystem requires in-depth understanding along with a proactive approach to ensure the smooth functioning of an Airport. Leveraging this huge amount of data to improve decision-making, operations effectiveness, efficiency and customer experience is among the foremost objectives to provide world-class Airport services. Data-driven airport analytics paves the runway to visualizing and flying towards a greater future for Airports. WAISL provides turn-key consulting and solutions to leverage data involving-
  1. Data Integration and Business Intelligence solutions involving data warehouse, marts and reporting.
  2. Big Data analytics involving descriptive and insights extraction from several million records
  3. Use case development for valuable predictive analytics