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A Collaborative CSR Initiative between Waisl & PVRI

Author: Jasmeet Bhatia

Date: December 20, 2023

A Collaborative CSR Initiative between Waisl & PVRI

Innovation. Strategy. Infrastructure. Technology. The on-the-ground realities of various eye diseases and their complications. These are all big challenges in ophthalmologic care that no organization – no matter how large – can handle alone today. To truly tackle ophthalmologic problems and opportunities inherent in these pressing societal concerns, there needs to be a concerted effort from all walks of society. It is only through a collaborative spirit and forward thinking that we can construct the scaffolding on which a better tomorrow can be built. And a shared commitment to societal well-being is one of the many crossroads where WAISL and Pushpagiri Vitreo Retina Institute (PVRI) meet.

Thus, in a significant stride towards enhancing ophthalmic care, WAISL proudly unveiled its state-of-the-art Advanced Microscope at the PVRI, Secunderabad. The inaugural ceremony took place on 06th December ‘23 in the presence of esteemed dignitaries, including Mr Vivekanand G. (Head of Service Delivery, WAISL) as Chief Guest, Ms. Lakshmi Bhargavi, (Business Manager, WAISL) as Special Guest, Shri R. Govind Hari (Chief, PVRI) and Dr Vishal Govindahari (Vice Chairman, Medical, PVRI).

Strategic Insights

Dr Govindahari provided insights into PVRI’s prospective strategy and emphasized the pivotal role of this collaboration in eradicating avoidable blindness in Telangana. The advanced microscope, generously provided by WAISL, is poised to revolutionize super-speciality eye care treatment capabilities at PVRI, reflecting a shared commitment to innovation and healthcare excellence. The initiative aims to extend super-speciality eye care services to over 6,000 underprivileged communities in Telangana State annually.

Community Impact

Mr Vijay Kiran Sarvepally (Head of Academics & Community Outreach), shared the transformative impact of PVRI’s outreach program in underserved areas, highlighting the profound difference made in these communities. While Mr Vivekanand G. provided a comprehensive overview of WAISL’s role in enhancing digital experiences at airports. Expressing gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the eye healthcare program, he emphasized the alignment of this initiative with the national objective of eliminating preventable blindness.

Finally, the Chief Guest, Mr R. Govind Hari (Chairman of Pushpagiri Vitreo Retina Institute), expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, noting how the equipment provided by WAISL will significantly enhance the delivery of high-quality eye care services, ensuring equal access for all individuals.


The event, attended by representatives from both sides, featured Ms. Dijita Thakur (Associate, Business Development, WAISL), Mr Rajeev Bola (Manager, HR, WAISL), Ms. Sweta (GM, Operations & Quality, WAISL), and Dr Bala Vidhyadhar (Program Head, Public Health). Mr Anand Chinnakaran (Head of CSR and Institutional Partnerships, PVRI) presented the vote of thanks, and Ms. Sweta hosted the event with grace.

A Commitment to Leveraging Technological Innovation

All in all, this collaborative endeavour reflects a shared vision for advancing ophthalmic care and stands as a testament to the transformative power of partnerships in addressing critical societal concerns.

Mr Sailendu Panda, (Chief Financial Officer, WAISL) says, “We believe that true progress lies in extending the benefits of IT innovation to all facets of society. Our collaboration with PVRI is not just a philanthropic effort; it’s a strategic commitment to leverage digital advancements for the betterment of healthcare. By sharing our expertise and resources, we aim to illuminate a path where everyone can benefit from the transformative power of IT innovation in fostering a healthier and more equitable future.”

WAISL will be back with more such CSR initiatives that help build a better tomorrow.