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WAISL Attends Passenger Terminal Expo & Conference; Showcases Its Cutting-edge APOC

Date – 16-04-2024

WAISL made a remarkable impact at the Passenger Terminal EXPO & CONFERENCE ’24 held in Frankfurt, Germany, from 16-18 April 2024. Team WAISL’s dynamic engagement at its booth generated significant excitement, with every member showcasing the advanced capabilities of our Airport Operations Centre (APOC). The APOC’s myriad features and multitude of benefits garnered admiration from numerous attendees, including key aviation stakeholders from the Asia Pacific and Europe regions. WAISL’s participation facilitated meaningful discussions with current client CEOs and prospective CXOs representing prominent airports worldwide. The event served as a valuable platform for forging connections and highlighting WAISL’s innovative solutions within the global aviation ecosystem.

WAISL signs MoU With BITS Pilani, forges dynamic partnership for collaborative innovation

Date – 16-03-2024

WAISL Limited has entered into a strategic partnership with Birla Institute Of Technology & Science (BITS) Pilani through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). The primary objective is to bolster collaborative research and development efforts, fostering the rapid ideation and creation of indigenous solutions tailored for both airport and non-airport sectors. The event took place on 16th March 2024 at BITS Campus. This partnership is poised to establish a robust framework for synergy and convergence among students, faculty, and researchers, spanning the entire innovation lifecycle from ideation to validation, development, testing, and trials. Together, we will now delve into the realms of cutting-edge technologies, including AI, Computer Vision, AR/VR, Blockchain, Visual Positioning Systems, 3D Modelling, and Cybersecurity, among others.

WAISL’s President & CEO Shines At SE Tech Talks 2024

Date – 15-03-2024

WAISL’s President & CEO recently took centre stage at the prestigious SE Tech Talks 2024, a technology-oriented webinar hosted by Schneider Electric. The event focused on artificial intelligence under the theme “Gen AI: The next wave of AI shaping our future”. Throughout his address, Rishi Mehta elucidated the role of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and collaborative efforts in harnessing the full potential of AI. He shed valuable insights on ways to use this rapidly evolving technology for positive change and development in the industry.

WAISL Shines at 18th Annual Airport Conference: Cultivating Innovation

Date – 12-03-2024

WAISL recently participated in the 18th Annual Conference on Airports in India, hosted by Indian Infrastructure Magazine at Le Meridien, New Delhi, on March 12th, 2024. Our esteemed President & CEO, Rishi Mehta, delivered a captivating presentation on ‘Culture Of Innovation’ during the Technical Showcase session. Following the informative talk, Rishi engaged in a dynamic Q&A session, offering deeper insights and perspectives. We eagerly anticipate more such opportunities to foster the exchange of invaluable industry information.

WAISL Bestowed With ‘Best Airport IT Company’ Award by Business Connect Magazine

Date – 21-02-2024

WAISL has been honoured with the prestigious ‘Best Airport IT Company’ Award at the International Corporate Conclave 2024. The event was organized by Business Connect Magazine and took place at Hyatt Centric, New Delhi. WAISL’s dynamic President and CEO, Rishi Mehta, was the Keynote Speaker. Besides sharing valuable insights about the aviation industry, he took the spotlight in an exclusive interview. This esteemed accolade highlights the organization’s dedication to developing innovative IT solutions and services that align with evolving customer demands, all within the framework of strategic imperatives.

WAISL at Wings India 2024: A Showcase of Cutting-edge Airport IT Solutions & Insightful Engagements

Date – 18-01-2024

In an impressive display of innovation and connectivity, WAISL took centre stage at the renowned Wings India 2024 event at Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad from 18th to 22nd Jan, 24. Over the course of four dynamic days, the team actively participated in meaningful engagements with a diverse array of aviation stakeholders. From airport consortiums and industry leaders to esteemed organizations, IT enterprises, regulatory bodies, and influential public figures, the event served as a fertile ground for invaluable connections.

At the forefront of WAISL’s showcase was its cutting-edge #AirportITSolutions, with a particular spotlight on the Digital Airport Solution. This technological marvel, fortified by a locational intelligence and situational awareness platform, captivated the attention of attendees and industry enthusiasts alike. All in all, the event served as a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge exchange.

Frost & Sullivan Bestows WAISL With Technology Innovation Leadership Award 2023

Date – 21-09-2023

WAISL has been bestowed with the 2023 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its outstanding contributions to South Asia’s airport digitalization industry. Recognized for visionary growth strategies and addressing emerging challenges, WAISL stands at the forefront of innovation. This prestigious award underscores the organization’s commitment to creating cutting-edge products and services that meet evolving customer needs while navigating strategic imperatives.

WAISL Explores Digital Transformation & Smart Airports at Avensis International CEO Conclave 2023

Date – 25-11-2023

WAISL took centre stage at Airports Innovate 2023, hosted by ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East, ACI EUROPE, and ACI World in Muscat, showcasing pioneering Airport IT Solutions. Engaging with a diverse audience of 400+ delegates, 30+ exhibitors, and 60+ speakers, our President & CEO – Rishi Mehta emphasized the transformative impact of digital solutions on airport operations via his topic – “Paper to Pixels: Digital Transformation Exploration”. Alongside other industry leading CEOs such as Craig Fernandes (SecureMyScholarship), Ritesh Patel (Chrysaliis) & Sanjeev Dasgupta (CapitaLand Investment India), WAISL contributed to discussions on Airport Design, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, Green Innovation, and more, reinforcing its commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of global airports.

WAISL Elevates Airport Innovation at Global Stage in Muscat, Oman

Date – 22-11-2023

WAISL proudly participated in Airports Innovate 2023, a global aviation event hosted by ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East, ACI EUROPE, and ACI World in Muscat on the 21st and 22nd Nov ‘23. As a key player in Airport IT Solutions, WAISL showcased its commitment to innovation in transforming the airport industry. Rishi Mehta, our President & CEO, as well as Gautam Balakrishnan, Chief Business Officer, engaged with global leaders, technology developers, and industry experts. They highlighted the crucial role of digital transformation, AI, and data solutions in advancing airport operations. WAISL’s presence at this dynamic event underlines WAISL’s dedication to shaping the future of airports with cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking solutions.

WAISL Soars at AeSI’s 75th Anniversary: Showcasing Innovation in Airport IT Solutions

Date – 19-11-2023

WAISL was thrilled to participate in the 75th Anniversary commemoration of the Aeronautical Society of India at Yashbhoomi Convention Centre in Delhi, on 18th and 19th Nov ‘23. TeamWAISL actively engaged eminent guests, industry personnel and other stakeholders, showcasing its unique Airport IT solutions that are shaping the future of air travel. It was a unique opportunity to celebrate India’s rich aviation history, explore innovative solutions, and witness the evolution of the aviation industry!