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WAISL Explores Digital Transformation & Smart Airports at Avensis International CEO Conclave 2023

Date – 25-11-2023

WAISL took centre stage at Airports Innovate 2023, hosted by ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East, ACI EUROPE, and ACI World in Muscat, showcasing pioneering Airport IT Solutions. Engaging with a diverse audience of 400+ delegates, 30+ exhibitors, and 60+ speakers, our President & CEO – Rishi Mehta emphasized the transformative impact of digital solutions on airport operations via his topic – “Paper to Pixels: Digital Transformation Exploration”. Alongside other industry leading CEOs such as Craig Fernandes (SecureMyScholarship), Ritesh Patel (Chrysaliis) & Sanjeev Dasgupta (CapitaLand Investment India), WAISL contributed to discussions on Airport Design, Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, Green Innovation, and more, reinforcing its commitment to driving innovation and shaping the future of global airports.

WAISL Elevates Airport Innovation at Global Stage in Muscat, Oman

Date – 22-11-2023

WAISL proudly participated in Airports Innovate 2023, a global aviation event hosted by ACI Asia-Pacific & Middle East, ACI EUROPE, and ACI World in Muscat on the 21st and 22nd Nov ‘23. As a key player in Airport IT Solutions, WAISL showcased its commitment to innovation in transforming the airport industry. Rishi Mehta, our President & CEO, as well as Gautam Balakrishnan, Chief Business Officer, engaged with global leaders, technology developers, and industry experts. They highlighted the crucial role of digital transformation, AI, and data solutions in advancing airport operations. WAISL’s presence at this dynamic event underlines WAISL’s dedication to shaping the future of airports with cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking solutions.

WAISL Soars at AeSI’s 75th Anniversary: Showcasing Innovation in Airport IT Solutions

Date – 19-11-2023

WAISL was thrilled to participate in the 75th Anniversary commemoration of the Aeronautical Society of India at Yashbhoomi Convention Centre in Delhi, on 18th and 19th Nov ‘23. TeamWAISL actively engaged eminent guests, industry personnel and other stakeholders, showcasing its unique Airport IT solutions that are shaping the future of air travel. It was a unique opportunity to celebrate India’s rich aviation history, explore innovative solutions, and witness the evolution of the aviation industry!

WAISL Takes Flight at FTE ASIA Expo 2023

Date- 09-11-2023

WAISL recently participated in the FTE ASIA Expo 2023 on the 8th & 9th of November 2023 in Singapore. The company’s presence at this renowned event signified a milestone in its commitment to shaping the future of airport technology. This event presented a unique opportunity for all aviation and airport industry stakeholders to explore how WAISL combines its extensive airport IT expertise with cutting-edge digital technology partnerships. The event was attended by our President & CEO, and Chief Business Officer – SEA, alongside our strategic partners -RESA, Kloudspot and EASIER.

Tech Marvels Unite: WAISL & Kloudspot at GITEX GLOBAL

Date – 06-11-2023

WAISL has now partnered with Kloudspot, a leading innovator in AI applications for safety, security and analytics. This exciting collaboration was unveiled at GITEX GLOBAL 2023, the world’s largest tech & startup show, in Dubai. The groundbreaking move now empowers both IT leaders to leverage each other’s strengths and capabilities, bringing cutting-edge airport IT solutions to a global customer base.

WAISL Joins Forbes India’s Elite 200 Global Innovators!

Date – 27-10-2023

In a momentous achievement, WAISL has joined the ranks of Forbes India’s prestigious list of 200 Select Companies With Global Business Potential. Rishi Mehta, our esteemed President & CEO, had the privilege of representing WAISL at this significant event. This accomplishment is a testament to #TeamWAISL’s unwavering dedication. The recognition places us among the league of ‘Extrepreneurs,’ who are reshaping the traditional boundaries of domestic business, embracing a borderless approach, and driving innovation and job creation on a global scale.

21st Edition Infotech Forum 2023

Date- 21-07-2023

During the IT Forum 2023 hosted by VARINDIA, Rishi Mehta, President and CEO of WAISL Limited, gave a keynote on Digital Transformation Journey Learnings with industry experts.

6th Annual Airport Modernization Summit 2023

Date- 13-07-2023

WAISL was an active participant in the 6th Annual Airport Modernization Summit 2023! Rishi Mehta delivered an enthralling keynote presentation on the digital transformation of the airport journey. Additionally, Siddharth Sharma shared his extensive expertise on the implementation of digital technologies for the modernization of Indian airports.

Future skills of technology leaders’ initiative

Date- 16-06-2023

WAISL actively engaged in the Future Skills of Technology Leaders initiative, embracing the emerging era of Machine Learning, AI, Generative AI, and LLMs. Rishi Mehta, President & CEO of WAISL, played the role of a moderator, while MS Rangaraj, an Advisor at WAISL, contributed as a key panelist in defining the agenda and skill requirements for building technology leaders.

Times Business Award North 2023

Date – 14th April 2023

The Times Business Award North 2023 has been bestowed upon WAISL, which serves as a testament to the team’s diligent efforts and unwavering dedication. This recognition is truly an honour and an indication of the remarkable work accomplished by WAISL.