WAISL at Wings India 2024: A Showcase of Cutting-edge Airport IT Solutions & Insightful Engagements

Date – 18-01-2024

In an impressive display of innovation and connectivity, WAISL took centre stage at the renowned Wings India 2024 event at Begumpet Airport in Hyderabad from 18th to 22nd Jan, 24. Over the course of four dynamic days, the team actively participated in meaningful engagements with a diverse array of aviation stakeholders. From airport consortiums and industry leaders to esteemed organizations, IT enterprises, regulatory bodies, and influential public figures, the event served as a fertile ground for invaluable connections.

At the forefront of WAISL’s showcase was its cutting-edge #AirportITSolutions, with a particular spotlight on the Digital Airport Solution. This technological marvel, fortified by a locational intelligence and situational awareness platform, captivated the attention of attendees and industry enthusiasts alike. All in all, the event served as a platform for insightful discussions and knowledge exchange.